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 About me

Takahashi Tadateru

(Takahashi is free)

FUJIFILM Professional Services (FPS) member

Nikon Professional Services (NPS) Member

★★★★ Abbreviation history ★★★★

  Born in Sapporo in 1982 and raised in Yamagata.

   1995 Self-Defense Forces love increased in the first year of junior high school, purchased the first single-lens reflex camera

  (immerse yourself in shooting equipment at a local garrison)

  2001 Graduated from Yamagata Denpa Kogyo High School, Department of Architecture

( Currently renamed to Sogakukan High School)

  Joined the Ground Self-Defense Force at the same time as graduating from high school (term member)

  After receiving the first term education for new members locally, I went to Hokkaido

  The experience I cultivated in the track and field club (middle and long distance) in high school is alive.

  Active as a biathlon player

  Promoted to 3rd class land sergeant in 2007 (to be a full-time employee in a company)

  Participated in Mt. Fuji Ekiden

  Obtained qualification as a physical education instructor at the 2008 Self-Defense Forces Physical Training School.

   2009 Purchased the longed-for digital single-lens (from film to digital) ​

  I am absorbed in shooting wild animals .

  2010 Participated in the joint training "Raijin 2010" with the US Army in the United States

   Dispatched as a public relations cameraman to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

  Passed the General Executive Candidate Examination

  Promoted to Master Sergeant in 2012

  Promoted to 3rd class lieutenant in 2013

   Graduated from the first executive special skill course "Sniper" in 2015

  First executive sniper feat acquisition of the Ground Self-Defense Force

​   Promoted to 2nd class

  2018 Australian Army-sponsored annual international shooting competition

  AASAM (Australian Army Skill at arms Meeting)

  Japan national team sniper team instructor (contributing to the world's first place in the team)

   Retired from the Ground Self-Defense Force in 2019 and became a natural photographer who had been a dream for many years.

★★★★ Present ★★★★

  Techniques such as "infiltration", "tracking" and "stalking" cultivated as a sniper

Establishing a new shooting style for wildlife photography by making full use of the skiing techniques cultivated in Biathlon

In addition, he is a considerable fishing enthusiast who has been recognized by both himself and others since he was a child, and he also shoots fishing programs and fishing magazines.

★★★★ Awards  ★★★★

  2010 Northern Hokkaido Tourism Photo Contest Grand Prize
  2013 Hokkaido Shimbun Wildlife Fund Photo Contest Excellence Award
  2016 Hokkaido Shimbun Wildlife Photo Contest Excellence Award

  2017 All Self-Defense Forces Art Exhibition Special Selection

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  2018 Hokkaido Shimbun Wildlife Photo Contest Excellence Award

★★★★   Photo posted   ★★★★


  2010 Hokkaido Fishing October Issue Cover Photo

  2011 Hokkaido Fishing December Issue Special Photo

  2012 Hokkaido Fishing January-March Special Photograph

  2014 Fowler Nos. 44 and 45 posted

  Posted in August 2019 North Anglers

  2020 Fowler No. 62 Special Collection

  North Anglers November issue  

  2021 North Anglers November issue  


Published in many children's books, picture books, magazines, etc. of TV Hokkaido, BS Nippon TV, BS Fuji TV, etc.

★★★★ Photo Exhibition  ★★★★

2018 "Small Photo Exhibition"   held

2020 "World of Tadashi Takahashi" held

2021     "STEALTH"   _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad


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